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What is this show about?

The World of Magic - Where a Dream Comes True

 “The World of Magic” is a an inspiration story produced by David Thomas who has earned both an Emmy award and adulation as a producer of world-class entertainment for more than 20 years. With the story by David Hira, the two Davids have collaborated to create a modern classic - a story of perseverance to realize one’s dream through a powerfully rich magic and illusion show filled with an array of “looks and feels”. It is wholesome, good for the whole family, with a "feel good message" that makes everyone feel like it's never too late to become who you were meant to be. The show features Las Vegas-style illusions, amazing costumes, plenty of beautiful drops and an inspired soundtrack.


Who are the stars?


David Hira

David Hira is an actor, magician, ventriloquist, mime and motivational speaker who brings wonder and surprise,

 intrigue and laughter to the stage in this wonderful feel-good story.

David Thomas    

David Thomas is a world-class illusionist and magician who,

 along with a beautiful and vibrant cast, thrills the senses with

incredible and awe-inspiring  illusions that fill the stage with rich theatrical production elements. David is an Emmy Winning Producer who brings this show to a WOW production level that your patrons will notice!


For whom is this show?

This show is perfect for teen, college or adult couples out for a date night, adults with children, grandparents with their grandchildren or simply friend for an evening out. It's an evening of unbelievable surprises that leaves everyone feeling as if anything is possible and that dreams are always within their reach. The show is wholesome and inspiring, through and through.

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